Misty deer silhouette landscape
Misty deer silhouette landscape
Misty deer silhouette landscape
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in Dzūkija

About us

Ecological red deer farm in the depths of Dzūkija. The fenced area covers 80 hectares of fields and forests. The whole enclosure is divided into a system of much smaller areas and corridors adapted for deer herding. All deer are kept in herds according to their bloodlines. Males and females grow separately, according to their families, thus preventing incest and breed contamination.

All deer are cataloged and divided by earmarks of different colors. We currently breed purebred New Zealand males and Scottish and Hungarian fawns with unique horns that are characterized by height, thickness and number of branches.

All red deer are vaccinated twice a year by catching them in a specially designed trap, also the horns of the males are cut before the rut season, which keeps all deer in perfect health. Horns are assessed according to the CIC system with a formal assessment act.


Sale of breeding male deer

Tauriųjų elnių prekyba Lietuvoje

Sale of females and fawns

Prekyba Lietuvoje Tauriųjų elnių patelėmis ir jaunikliais

Hunting in the enclosure

Medžioklė aptvare - Tauriųjų elnių ūkyje Lietuvoje

Cultivated varieties

Naujosios zelandijos veislė - Taurieji Elniai Lietuvoje

New Zealand breed

Naujosios zelandijos veislė - Taurieji Elniai Lietuvoje

This red deer bloodline, native to New Zealand, has unique characteristics. Males produce multi-branched horns that stand out for their bulkiness, overall size, and exceptional genetic value.

Vengrų veislė - Taurieji Elniai Lietuvoje

Hungarian breed

Vengrų veislė - Taurieji Elniai Lietuvoje

This bloodline of red deer, native to Central Europe, is characterized by the size of the beasts themselves and the height of the horns. The number of branches of male horns of this breed is similar to that of the common Lithuanian red deer, but male Hungarian bloodlines grow much larger and taller horns


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